Why Do People Create Viruses?

create virusIf you were thinking it is difficult to code a computer virus, one that spread across the globe in a hurry, you would be correct. We are talking about many days of constant nerd work and jockeying of a desk behind a computer. So, why do these jerks bother to code a virus? Well, it usually comes down to three main reasons: Simply being a jerk is one, money is the second and showing off their skill is the third. Being a jerk or showing off seems self-explanatory, the money aspect is almost fascinating.

The below is how these jerks make money with computer viruses:

Bank account theft:

These jerks that create viruses are happy to help themselves to your banking information, being real sneaky about grabbing your credit card information or login details. They can either use your credit card information to head out on a shopping spree or transfer funds away from your accounts. Sometimes they will just sell your banking and credit card information to the highest bidder, leaving this “fun” to another person.


Sometimes they will encrypt your files and insist on you paying them money to unlock the code, resulting in a virtual snatch and grab. If you do not have a backup plan in place before this happens, you will be at their mercy. Oh, they will be helpful in providing information on how to pay, firm deadline information you must meet all before your files are destroyed for good.

Ad swappers:

One little cute technique they can use is to create a virus that places annoying ads on the websites that you visit, or place affiliate codes onto the pages so that when you do purchase sometime legitimately (Amazon for example) they get a percentage of the referral fee. These little kickbacks do not cost you more so more than likely you may not even notice you are supporting their activities.

Bitcoin mining:

You may have heard of digital currencies like Bitcoin being used as a form of payment, but did you can also mine them using a computers processing power? Regrettfully, loaning our your computer’s processing power means more payout in running costs, that us unless you are a sneaky jerk and use a virus to “loan” out someone else’s computing power without their knowledge.


Virus creators can infect computers to be remotely controlled to do whatever they want it to do. For instance, they will set the infected bot computers to overwhelm a target web server, typically an e-commerce store. Sometimes this is done as a “revenge” act, but most often is for blackmail of the owner of the e-commerce store. The “Botmaster” says to pay them thousands of dollars or they will crash the e-commerce site and most times during the biggest shopping days of the year.

Account stealing:

Subscription accounts like Hulu or Netflix are often hijacked, leaving you to flip the bill for some other jerk’s entertainment. Sometimes these virus making turkeys take it a step further with online gaming accounts. All of the digital things that you played and “fought” so hard for (special weapons, clothing, health etc…) can carry a real world value and can be stolen from your account and sold on the black market. Yes, that is cheating, but it happens.

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