Why Do Computers Break?

why do computers breakComputers will always break at the worst possible time, and we know this, but what are the failures caused by? Often, people will think they are the ones who caused the issue because they were using it at the time, but unless you are doing something like online gaming, normal use is rarely the cause of a malfunctioning computer.

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Physical Damage

There will be accidents, they happen, but accidents do not mean you necessarily need to purchase a new computer. Electrical items and liquid spills could be a huge problem. This could range from going overboard with the cleaning spray on your screen, spill on your keyboard, or worse yet, a flood that makes it’s way to your computer. If you area laptop user, you need to be careful when choosing a surface to work on, like kitchen tables and cafes since they can have small puddles of liquids left behind on their surfaces. Now, if you are lucky, the liquids did not fry your circuits, but corrosion is a likely issue, as is stickiness that can “gum up” your internal parts. Similarly, computers don’t like to be dropped or knocked around. It does not make them very happy. Just a little thump from anger can cause disconnection, internal damage and loose cables.

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Computer parts, especially moving parts, like mechanical hard drives and fans, have an expected lifetime. Some computers can last a decade running constantly, while others are barely used and fail within their warranty period. When it comes to age being an issue, the warning signs will be additional noise or slowing down. However, the real breakage can happen when you turn on the computer, after it’s been off overnight or after a crash. Your computer will make a tremendous effort before giving up the ghost or do nothing at all. Last age is the luck of the draw. Manufacturing and quality do play a large part in how long a computer will keep working effectively or at all.

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Power Surges

Some people think that electricity is a constant stream that never changes, but computer are very sensitive to surges (to much electricity) and brownouts (not enough electricity). This can be noticed by lights flickering and dimming during a brownout, or glowing a little too strong during a surge. The electrical variations never last long, but they are not something you can control either, unless it is your house. These variations in electricity can easily break your computer. You can protect the computer with a surge protector for mild increase in electricity, but strong surges and brownouts will still cause damage.

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A big contributor to premature computer death is overheating. There are some computer parts that naturally run hot. Those parts need plenty of cooling to keep them working properly. From the outside you might not feel the heat, but the parts inside the computer can quickly build up heat and that heat needs to go somewhere. Airflow vents can become easily blocked by pet hair and dust. When this happens the temperature will continuously increase until the parts literally fry themselves and fail. Your computer, most times, will automatically shutoff when it reaches dangerous temperatures so it can cool down, but the more times this takes place, the higher temps will take their toll and your computer will more likely die.

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Hard Drive Failure

As most know, your data is stored on a hard drive. Most people have a mechanical hard drive and it works like a record players with a platter than spins and a needle that will read it. Liquid, surges, small bumps and overheating can trigger a hard drive biting the dust and failing. Besides making the computer unusable, the hard drive failure also means that your valuable data could also be lost. Some folks may be surprised by sudden hard drive failures, but they are often not a surprise at all. There are usually strange noises and regular crashes. When this starts happening it is time to back up your data in advance and call a computer repair shop near you.

We say this all the time, but like a car, a computer needs serviced regularly. I can check your computer both physically and it’s software and ensure it is running smoothly and will continue working for you.

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