What is Advantage and Advantage Plus Remote Managed Services and what does it mean for you?

A “break/fix” IT service model is both unpredictable and costly for clients. Using this model, you’re only aware of problems when you notice them, when issues become critical and require immediate attention. This lack of control and consistency prevents us from providing the best service possible to you.

By being alerted to problems before they become critical, can save you the inconvenience of a road trip or having to be home for a technician to call, saving potentially many hundreds of dollars per year! Resolving an IT issue when trouble has already occurred is innately more difficult and costly than preventing these issues in the first place.

How it works:

A tiny program is installed onto your computer that continually monitors your computer. It also allows “remote login” (with your permission, of course!) so that problems can be dealt with quickly.

A convenient module can be invoked allowing you to send a “Service Request,” including a screenshot of the problem if needed, straight to the Dashboard.

Items monitored include Processor performance and temperature, Hard Drive performance, temperature and capacity including the “SMART” (Self Monitoring And Reporting Technology) Data,
Hard Disk Fragmentation and overall health, Ram counters and performance, Antivirus/Anti-malware status, Installed drivers, Firewall status, BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) errors, application crashes, and many more.

Also, by including “Managed Antivirus” it becomes a complete package, by saving you money or having to risk valuable data and privacy on “free” Antivirus.

How much does it cost? 




Advantage Plus

24/7 Built-in Contact Form
Health Warning
Pop-up Alerts
Tech Connector Remote Software
50% Off Technical Support
–Tech Monitoring Alerts–
Anti-Virus Health
Windows Crashing
Low Hard Drive Space
Application Crash
Hardware Health
Hard Drive Fragmentation
Hard Drive Health
Firewall Health
–Patch Management–
Operating System Updates & Patching
Select 3rd Party Applications Patching
–Anti-Malware Protection–
Anti-Malware Software
Anti-Virus Software
Safe Surfing
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  2. Download this application and setup
  3. Contact today for complete activation and setup of your Advantage or Advantage Plus Plan.

What it doesn’t do:

Although many problems can be fixed by being managed, not all issues can be resolved this way. Hardware issues/failures, failed internet connections, dead power supplies etc. may still require a
visit to the workshop, or your home, for repair. In such cases our low workshop rates apply.

“Monitoring” your computer does not mean that I, or anyone else is able to view your email, websearches, hard drive contents, personal files or folders at any time. Managed services is strictly for monitoring and reporting of issues detected at the Operating System/Hardware sub levels.