Got a New Device? Here’s Essential Tech Prep You Can’t Skip

new deviceIt’s loads of fun getting a new device. No matter if it is a new laptop, desktop or phone: the excitement of getting home and opening the box is amazing. I know, I love tech too. That new device even has a new car like smell! Once you arrive with it at your home, there are a few things that should be completed before you put it to use – beyond just adding a new case and some “bling” to it.

The folks you bought the new device from like to say it is ready out of the box, and most times it is, but not really the way you like it to work. Like a new refrigerator, just turning it on isn’t enough – it is still empty and you are still hungry for something to eat. Yes, you can turn it on, it looks for wifi and allows you to type, but that is not “ready”. You can save time, stress and possibly even money if you only take a few minutes to prepare your new device.

This post will be about vital technical preparation for your new devices:

Security Updates and Fixes

That device has been in the box for at least one month, from the factory to your hands. Now, in the world of security, that is a lifetime. While this new device has sat on the shelf, there are new viruses and software weaknesses that have been discovered. The good thing is that new updates to fight these issues were also created, you just have to download them. I can make sure that essential software is updated and made to stay that way on your new device. This way, you will know that the new device is safe to go online and stay there.

Data Transfer From Old to New

From one device to another, people usually want to transfer everything. Others like to keep the old device as a backup and get a fresh start with the new device. I can transfer your data entirely or just the things you use. When it comes to computers, we can turn the old hard drive into an external drive and then plug into the new computer and get files as you need them.

Setting up Hardware

If that new device is a computer, then you will also need to connect it to extra technology like a webcam, printer or some other device. When you have incompatible drivers or plugs mismatched, these type of “plug and play” tasks can drive you insane. can get you all setup, tested and everything working.

Setting up Email and Software

Email and software is commonly forgotten and one people often struggle with. To connect properly, email clients in particular need special configuration. Sometimes we find people that can only receive email and have overflowing, unsent mail that just wont send and go anywhere! I can get all your personal connections and software going and running like before.

Setting up the Network

Although typing a wifi password is easy, it does not mean you are secure, or even fast, as you could possibly be. We can determine which connection method will be best for the device and your personal needs. We can hook you up with robust, fast security measures.

Lockdown Privacy & Permissions

We can quickly get your new device configured to meet your needs. From providing children a safe online experience, files you want to keep private, or you just want to setup profiles for every person who uses the device to have their own login, we can get you going.

I love to help people with their new devices. Give a call and we’ll get your new device up and running.

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