maintenance planWe offer a Computer Maintenance Plan which keeps your computer(s) running smoothly and helps prevent computer problems before they happen, giving you peace of mind. If a computer receives proper and regular maintenance, it can add years to its lifetime.

With the Computer Maintenance Plan we perform the following tasks on your computer(s):

• Apply any service packs or critical security updates that need to be installed to help ward off potential hackers

• Verify that your Antivirus is up to date, functioning correctly and to view virus activity logs.

• Purge Temporary Internet Files and Windows Temp Files which can slow down your computer and fill up hard drive space.

• Scan and Remove any Viruses, Adware and Spyware.

• Check the health of hard disk drives, the capacity and the amount of usage.

• Add any programs that are needed but are not installed, uninstall programs that are no longer used and prevent un-needed programs from auto-starting when the computer starts which makes it run faster.

• Address any other specific issues that do not warrant a specific visit.

A customized task list can be created to suit your business to ensure the key areas are being addressed during each visit.

We understand that you and your time is valuable. We will work around your schedule when performing these services and much of our work can be done remotely and after hours.

Remote: We also have the ability of remotely connecting to your computer to resolve problems that would not need to be done onsite.

Cost: The price is based on the number of computers you have under the plan. The more computers under the plan, the lower your cost per computer.

Contact today to get your maintenance plan.