Maintain Your Computer Without Lifting a Finger

maintain your computerComputers, for an asset that is supposed to make life easier, involve a lot of work! Most people just push ahead because there is so much to keep track of and they forget about the routine maintenance. That is until something breaks. Well, of course the damage is already done and everything you do at that point is just reactive. It’s far too late when your photos and information is lost forever in a computer crash. It is a bit like closing the barn door after the horse is already out of the barn. This is where being proactive will have you coming out on top and ahead of the game. Tens of thousands of homes around the globe are using managed services to put computer challenges behind them in a concrete fashion. Managed services is a done-for-you maintenance program or plan, and here is why it is the absolute best choice for you to maintain your computer:

You are always up to date.

windows updatesThere seems to be a new and urgent update waiting to be installed almost everyday. No matter if they are adding new features or patching security flaws, the updates seem endless. Often times, it is not just a pain and inconvenient, it is overwhelming! Updates always seem to install at the worst possible moments, even if they are installing automatically, this can leave you waiting up to 30 minutes, if not more, when all you want to do is quickly check your email. When you use a managed service, it can ensure that your computer has finished updates and is ready for you to sit down and start using it. After all, updates should make your experience more joyful and secure!

You have got a super anti-virus.

anti virusThe best anti-virus is one that is updated and running, yet, you would be astonished at how many people never let it run or even switch it off. Now, you may be browsing safely and in the habit of scanning files, others that live in your home, like children, may not have the same priorities. When you have managed services it ensures your anti-virus is always dealing with viruses it finds and running smoothly. In fact, once a new virus is known, it will make sure your computer is protected against that nasty little booger.

Your hardware stays healthy.

hardwareWhy be reactive and suddenly stuck without a computer when your hardware fails? Why try to maintain your computer yourself, especially if you don’t have the knowledge or the time? If you have managed services, often times the problem is fixed before you even know there is a problem. The health of your hardware, eg, your hard drive, is being monitored by the special software and looking for early signs of failure. If something is detected, the managed service provider will let you know in advance. This means you can get the issue repaired at your convenience, ensuring no other hardware is damaged or files lost.

You never miss a backup.

backupThe absolute worst part of a crash or a hack isn’t just the cost of repair and replacement, it is losing your files and, in some cases, memories forever. If you are like many others, your entire collection of photos are stored on the computer, along with important family files. Most of these files can never be replaced or recreated. Whether it is a novel you have been working on for longer than you would like to admit, a report for school, or a recipe handed down for generations, managed services can ensure you are backed up correctly. Your backed up files are ready to go when you are, and losing files to failure, theft or corruption is a part of the past.

Support is a phone call, email or text message away.

PhoneDo you have a weird error popping up? Is that new printer not playing nice? The new computer not connecting to wifi? Managed services can help save you lots of cash, in our case, up to 50%, off service fees for whatever tech issue has been a pain in your backside and wasting your time. Honest and no nonsense advice is just a phone call, text message or email away. Most cases the provider can even remotely connect to diagnose and fix problems. What does this mean to you? You can likely skip untangling cables and carrying your computer to the provider and still get that pressing system issue fixed.

You are always optimized.

optimized computerIt does not matter if your computer is actively being foolish, the monitoring service can keep in touch with your services, processes and event logs to look out for anything that needs fixed. This means the provider will be effectively putting a stop to problems before they become a problem for you. When you sit down at your computer it will be doing exactly what you want it to do.

Put those annoying, time consuming and expensive computer problems behind you – get our managed services today – maintain your computer without lifting a finger.

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