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Your computer overheats regularly?

You hear beeping or other odd noises from your computer?.

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Some Of Our Services...

Computer Examinations

You are provided with services, or information and tools, to conduct a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your computer. ...READ MORE

Computer Maintenance

Your programs can be examined and any unused or unwanted programs are uninstalled. System applications are analyzed and cleaned...READ MORE

Computer Security

You will be upgraded to latest OS if practical, download and update your computer with latest security patches, conduct Anti-Virus Scan and remove as required...READ MORE

Wireless Network Security

Your routers will have encryption and firewall configured. Network name will be customized...READ MORE

Free, Advantage and Advantage Plus

These are our membership levels and managed services. Managed Services could best be described as Insurance. Your hoping nothing happens, but if it does, your covered. whether you have one PC or ten, one wireless router or four, your covered...READ MORE

Parental Controls and More

We protect your children and setup and configure parental controls on your computers, router and do much, much more...

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