Back in the day, computer network security was a breeze.  Your office likely had a small router, with 3 or 4 computers sharing the bandwidth.  Perhaps you had a shared folder of resources, allowing the users in your office to trade files and share information.  If a device wasn't physically plugged into the router that you could see, they could not access your resources.  Physical safety equated to network security.  Most bosses slept safely at night, knowing their resources were under lock and key and away from prying eyes. Wireless network security wasn't even a glint in one's eye.

Then, wifi arrived!

Of course, wireless internet changed everything.  Devices from laptops to computers to smart phones could share resources without being physically tied to a router.  Those long Ethernet cables disappeared as companies were now able to share files and internet access through the air.  And with the many advantages this new technology provided, it also delivered a new set of challenges, mostly regarding security.

A wireless network is visible to anyone without a few hundred feet.  Companies that share your plaza, nosy neighbors, even cars parked nearby, all have the ability to find your network.  It doesn't take much for a hacker to gain access to your router, if it's even protected at all.  Are you willing to bet the security of all of your company's information that your wifi network is up-to-date and keeping out all potential intruders? is ready to help you tackling the issue of Wireless Network Security.  Your routers will have encryption and firewall configured. Network name will be customized and hidden from public view. MAC filtering to only allow authorized wireless devices connection to the router. User names and passwords will be hardened.  We are professionals with decades of experience in protecting the networks of individuals and small businesses.  Let us help you keep your network safe!

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