You work to perform at your peak optimal levels.  You are continually searching for new and improved ways to complete your daily task list in a more effective and efficient manner.  Always searching for better ways to do things.  Yet there is a good chance that the computer you’re using all day to complete these work tasks isn’t working at its peak optimum levels.  Why would you handicap yourself like this, putting yourself at a distinct advantage?  Every minute you spend waiting for an inefficient machine to complete a function is a second you could be completing other tasks, or growing your business.  Ease the pain with computer examinations from In today’s super competitive business world, you don’t have a minute to spare – or squander. works with you to make sure your computer systems are functioning at their optimum potential with computer examinations.  You are provided with a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your computer. Your system specifications are checked against performance and usage. Monitors / screens are checked for bad pixels, along with keyboard and mouse for functionality of all keys and buttons. Your RAM, processors, hard disk drive or solid state drive are examined using software that provides a thorough report of performance and usage. Drivers are checked for errors. A detailed report of results will be provided to you upon conclusion.

computer examinations

If you want to get a leg up on the competition and really push your business to the max, then you owe it to yourself to find out if your computer systems are working at optimal levels.   Every day you wait is another day that the competition is working faster and more efficiently than you are.  Contact us today and we’ll get you on the right track – fast!

General Computer Examinations

Hardware examinations for desktop and computer setups is a critical process which should be routinely conducted every month. This is because, over time, systems will degrade in performance due to several factors, such as hardware age or dust build-up.

Additionally, damaged components do to electrical surges or other factors are possible. Sometimes, though, this damage is not immediately noticeable and goes unnoticed. This can lead to critical hardware failure or other significant problems in the future.

Here at we believe that routine examinations are important, not only for the problems listed but also for taking a proactive approach towards good PC care. Systems can be inspected for poor wiring, dust build up, loose fans, failing HDDs, or other various problems.

It is also crucial to check for boot errors or immediate system problems on startup, to see if there are escalating software problems. Sometimes, hardware issues lead to software issues, or vice versa, and it’s important to inspect both areas.

That is why we offer general computer examinations for desktops, laptops, and other devices to identify potential issues.

Array of Computer Examination Services

At we offer a robust and rich array of services to provide a nuanced approach to PC examination and repair. Our inspection covers these major factors:

  • Check for bootup errors
  • Look for system specification errors, such as for incorrect, outdated, or incompatible hardware components
  • Inspect monitor/screen for improper connections
  • Check keyboard/mouse for potential non-functioning hardware
  • Review HDD (Hard Disc Drive) and SDD (Solid State Drive) for potential degradation in performance, hard-drive corruption, failing hardware, or the “click of death”
  • Look at CPU/GPU for potential damage and make sure components are properly seated/ventilated
  • Inspect RAM to assure hardware is not damaged and is properly seated
  • Check drives for outdated firmware/software

This general overview of a single system seeks out the various problems which can arise from seemingly small things. A computer that routinely crashes could be because of a failing HDD, or an overheated system, or a fail safe state.

But, it can be challenging to do these inspections yourself, as it a time-consuming process. However, our technicians are dedicated to quality and will provide exceptional service when examining your system(s).

Our service is at a low cost, one-time fee for a single system inspection. We will provide a comprehensive error report and seek out issues as they occur, and attempt to correct them as required.

Protecting your hardware investment is important. It is critical to examine and catch errors before they erupt into disastrous outcomes. Losing valuable data or expensive components is exceptionally frustrating, so our goal is to identify these problem factors before they become untenable.

Our computer examination and repair services are located in the Vincennes, Indiana area.

Computer Examinations- Is Your Computer Performing Poorly?

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