offers a wide variety of computer repair services for Vincennes and the surrounding community.  Choose an option below to learn more about the services we have available. 

Computer Examinations

– You are provided with a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your computer. Your system specifications are checked against performance and usage. Monitors / screens are checked for bad pixels, along with keyboard and mouse for functionality of all keys and buttons. Your RAM, processors, hard disk drive or solid state drive are examined using software that provides a thorough report of performance and usage. Drivers are checked for errors. A detailed report of results will be provided to you upon conclusion. The computer examination is the cornerstone of our computer repair services.  Click here for more details.

Computer Maintenance

– Your programs are reviewed and any unused or unwanted programs are uninstalled. System applications are analyzed and cleaned. Registry files are backed up and cleaned. The start up menu, browser plug-ins and files are cleaned up. Your system is checked for errors and those errors repaired. All applicable drives are defragmented. Hardware failures will be identified and parts replaced. Click here for more details.

Computer Security

– Upgrade to latest OS if possible, download and update your computer with latest security patches, conduct Anti-Virus Scan and remove as required. Conduct spyware/malware/adware scan and remove as required. Configure firewall, check and configure users and passwords, configure backups. Click here for more details.

Wireless Network Security

– Routers will have encryption and firewall configured. Network name will be customized and hidden from public view. MAC filtering to only allow authorized wireless devices connection to the router. User names and passwords will be hardened. Click here for more details.

Advantage Plan

– ADVANTAGE PLAN is a managed service. Managed Services could best be described as Insurance. Your hoping nothing happens, but if it does, your covered. whether you have one PC or ten, one wireless router or four, your covered. Click here for more details.

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Computer Repair Services – Vincennes

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