Computer Repair Profit Strategy – Why You Should Care

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As you already may know, I own a computer repair company, LLC. When I was working on the business plan, one of the questions I asked myself was;

“What will give you trouble growing your business profits?”

So why should you care? Well, you will notice a theme throughout, so please keep reading. Please comment at the end if you know what is most important to us…profits or something else?

In this post, we are going to look at 7 strategies I use in my computer repair business, to ensure that I’m able to balance my clients’ IT needs against my own computer repair company’s profitability challenges.


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The Origins of the Problem

While focusing on computer repair profits may sound simple enough at first, this discipline often eludes many a computer repair business owner.

Why? Well, I found, through market research, that this will usually happen because many computer repair business owners fall in love the technology gadgetry. They become seduced by reseller channel programs and all at the expense of their business and profit.

At the end of the day however, my computer repair company is a business… not a charity and not a hobby. And my computer repair company must be run like a business and it must turn a profit if I am to continue serving the community.


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Strategy #1: Show motivation with my home and small business computer repair clients.

To avoid being labeled as just another pizza tech or clueless geek, I needed to position my computer repair services to be more in line with those of a virtual CIO for hire. So I am always on the look out for new ways to enhance my clients’ home and business… not just fix broken desktops and laptops.

Strategy #2: Be dedicated to the task and relentless in my pursuit to improve the status quo.

Because it takes a lot of work to land computer repair clients, I needed to focus on earning and retaining lifetime customers … not just one time repairs. So I always remember that my proposed or recently implemented computer repair technology solution isn’t a one-time deal. This kind of long term vision and planning requires tremendous staying power and perseverance… which often escapes many computer repair business owners.

Strategy #3: Don’t be afraid to be creative with my client engagements.

Residential and Small business technology solutions often need to stay within relatively modest budgets. And my computer repair solutions must work without the need for in-house IT staff. To satisfy these challenges, I could not be afraid to think outside of the box when appropriate.

Strategy #4: Evaluate how my clients’ systems, both paper- and computer-based, function today.

As part of your virtual CIO role, I needed to look at how these existing clients systems are meeting or not meeting present and future needs. Most of this work will be done during initial IT audits… another key computer repair profit secret that can really help to separate my business from the pack of mediocrity.

Strategy #5: Put myself in the clients’ shoes and think about what THEIR family and clients need from them.

Yes, as a computer repair business owner, I need to have good people skills and a certain degree of empathy for my clients’ computer problems. But an even more advanced computer repair business owner doesn’t just stop at understanding their clients’ computer problems. The virtual CIO will buckle down and learn about their customers’ problems.

Strategy #6: Keep up with advances and new versions.

As virtual CIO for my computer repair clients, my clients depend on my firm to advise them on what tools can better help their businesses grow. So while I can’t allow this R&D and training to consume and devour all of my scarce weekly schedule, I do need to stay a few steps ahead of my clients’ IT needs at all times.

Strategy #7: Summarize and share that information with my clients.

The essence of my R&D and training should focus on one major objective: will this new platform or tool add value to my computer reapir clients’ existing or future installations? And how I can best summarize this information, in layperson language that non-technical clients can understand?

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Bottom Line:
My computer repair firm needs to be my client’s virtual IT department can often be at odds with my computer repair firm’s need to be profitable. A big part of this problem happens because computer repair business owners fall in love with technology, at the expense of their marketing and sales activities.

To make sure I don’t fall into this same trap, which can kill my computer repair profits, don’t go overboard with my training and R&D activities. Be sure to keep business development activities in my weekly schedule… EVERY week. If I want to keep my computer repair profits as healthy as possible, make sure that I am proactive in my marketing and sales activities… dig the well for computer consulting profits BEFORE I am thirsty.

If you would like to do business with a computer repair business who thinks and conducts business this way, contact today.


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