5 Signs Your Computer is Crying Out for Computer Repair

computer needs repairIt can be evident when your computer is already broken, but how do you know it’s going to break? Before your computer fails miserably into a useless heap of junk and doesn’t even turn on, or some big message saying your files are now encrypted flash on you screen, you will be given many hints that something is wrong and are in need of computer repair.

Below is a list of five signs your computer is in need of repair, and sooner rather than later on.

1. It will be running slow.

Lots of people assume their computer is running slow because it is getting old, but that is not always the case and can be due to a variety of reasons. It could be a virus, overheating, program behaving badly or a failing hard drive, all of which can cause a substantial slowing of your computer’s performance. You may only notice these issues when a program starts up, when the computer boots up, or the problem may be so bad that moving your mouse is painful torture. Sometimes the problem is as simple as a new software you installed that the hardware can’t support or keep up with.

2. Your system is running hot.

Laptops running hot can be both a sign and a cause of damage. The fan on a computer blows out hot air so that internal components can be cooled. Fresh air is drawn in at the same time to create an effective cooling system. Regretfully, vents in a computer can very easily become clogged with pet fur and dust, which essentially chokes off the circulation and overheating components. Desktop computers still need to have their vents cleared, but have more space inside to circulate air, thus don’t experience this issue as much. You will know the computer is running too hot if the fan is working some serious overtime, the laptop is to hot to place on your lap or the system shuts down frequently (a safety cutout).

3. Blue Screens of Death are everywhere.

This is an all-time classic Windows error and is literally a blue screen that covers your entire view of the screen. Your system will still be running, but this is a clear sign something has gone wrong. Windows will suggest a restart but it will also show some text and error codes.

Note: Take note of these codes for future reference if possible.

Sometimes a simple restart will fix this issue. Sometimes it does not. It is perhaps, because something did not load properly upon boot-up or your computer simply had an “whoopsie”. It is rare, but i does happen occasionally. However, if you are getting blue screens on a regular basis, that is a sign of a hardware or software issue that needs resolved. Blue screens will start occurring on your computer more and more frequently, so it is best to take immediate action as soon as you know, or feel, something is wrong.

4. The computer is making strange noises.

Computers have a number of moving parts within them. You should be aware of what your computer normally sounds like and sounds it makes, from the whirring fan to the startup beeps. Things get real interesting when your computer starts making extra noises. Hard drives can start clicking, fans can wear down and start screeching and grinding, and in extreme cases you might even hear “zapping” noises. Needless to say, none of these are good! When you notice a strange noise, remember your computer parts are designed to work all together and one issue can quickly become many issues if left unchecked.

5. The computer crashes and freezes.

If your computer is freezing up completely, restarting without you, or crashing randomly, it is a sure signal that something is wrong. Please do not take it personal though, your computer is not doing this to annoy you or drive you crazy. Now, with these signs you might notice some of the others because when a computer starts crashing and freezing, it is a sure sign something is not just wrong, but terribly wrong. The problem can be either hardware or software, but no matter which, it is almost always fixable. These signals are just your computer’s way of crying for help, and repair, desperately trying to gain your attention and a little tender love and care.

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