4 Advantages of Managed IT over In-House IT

in-house ITIs it the right decision to hire an in-house IT technician? It can be tempting for sure. Hire them and place them in a cozy office down the hall. Like any business, you are always looking for ways to save money, along with improving results. This sometimes includes adding a tech specialist to the rolls that are at your beck and call. But, this can become very expensive, especially when these high paid employees spend days sitting around twiddling their thumbs or playing solitaire. If you are looking for the best in both worlds, I recommend Managed IT services.

Simply put, Managed IT is a solution that gives you a tech specialist and network expert without the “solitaire” element – at the fraction of the cost. Like any other business, you would much rather see your IT budget support your business growth and kept as low as humanly possible. That is my focus too, and it is why I will not simply maintain and repair computer systems and networks, but will proactively monitor those systems to avoid downtime. I will also work with you to ensure your IT will add to your productivity and your efficiency. It doesn’t matter if you already have IT in-house and evaluating the value of them, or just curious about having IT support for your business, I have put together a few factors to consider when making that choice:



Almost all employees work 9-5 type hours, but what takes place when something goes wrong with your systems outside of those business hours? That in-house tech will not like being woken at 2am in the morning and called in for this emergency repair. More than likely they will not answer the call, hear it or will expect a hefty wage renegotiation come 9am. When you have Managed IT, it is very different as I expect problems after hours and will be ready to support your after hours needs. Every minute of downtime affects your revenue, I know this. Plus I also understand that downtime impacts your business reputation and I will prioritize getting your systems up and running as soon as possible. The bonus here is that Managed IT these types of disasters can become a rare occasion as we are constantly monitoring and correcting problems before they can occur.

total cost

Total Cost:

One of the attractions to having in-house technicians was most likely the cost. But, while you are possibly paying them at a low hourly rate, there are the extra costs of hiring, ongoing training, retirement and healthcare. Now, once you start adding up those costs of an in-house tech, you might find it leaves you scrambling to fill gaps that were not expected and eating up your IT budget. IT expenses can become a sore point, upgrades get delayed and opportunities missed. When compared, Managed IT is one fixed monthly rate that will provide enormous value that includes access to a specialist across your software applications and technology.

 trainingOngoing Training:

Training costs quickly add up, put aside the fact that this in-house tech will spend entire weeks away upgrading their skills and maintaining certification. This leaves you scrambling fr support while they are away. When you have a salaried technician, you will have to pay all the certification costs and continuing education, add to this their travel expenses. I know how important it is to remain certified, skilled and current in the newer technologies. So with this we spend the money and invest in ourselves so we can better serve you. I am part of industry related communities and continue to maintain certifications each year, all at my own expense, not yours.


Different Goals:

For most people, a larger wage is the goal and most will job-hop to meet that goal. Leveraging the training and experience you just paid for, that in-house tech may be looking for the first opportunity to leave for another higher paying job. In today’s world, job-hopping can be expected, with the average person spending only 3 years in one position. Three years is an unreasonable ROI when you consider the cost to your business in acquiring, training and adding to the skill set of your technician. My goal is much more different – I only plan to keep you as a happy customer for as long as I can!

The end state is that your business needs to find the correct balance between expertise and profit. When you partner with my Managed IT, you are securing ever-increasing expertise, commitment to your success and securing availability. I will work closely with you to provide the absolute best service and support to protect against those costly disasters and taking preemptive actions to keep you operational and safe. Managed IT is a better decision than hiring an in-house tech, there is no doubt, and we would be delighted to prove it to you.

Just talk to me about Managed IT for your business.

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